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All estate sale companies are not the same.

Posted on January 16, 2018 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (1)
Sometimes we get a phone call and the only question they ask is how much we charge. I get the impression that either they think everyone does an estate sale about the same or they want to talk to the cheapest company they can because, although they can't or don't want to do the work themselves (and I understand that because when it's a personal undertaking, it can be rather overwhelming for many people) and they want to get away as cheaply as possible. However, all estate sale companies are not the same. There are many differences, some are small and some are large, in estate sale companies. I cannot speak for other companies, so I will not make specific comments about another company. I will tell you what we do. 1 - Some companies have a minimum. If they don't expect the sale to be, for example, $10,000, they will not accept the sale. We do not have a minimum. If a sale looks very small, we do have other alternatives that we can offer, and yet still be able to take care of the client. We discuss these with the client if the situation requires it. 2 - Some companies do not spend a lot of time organizing and staging the house or pricing the items for sale. When we conduct a regular estate sale, we always organize and stage the house. We have received quite a few compliments from many of our customers about how they love coming to our sales because they are neat and organized. Although we do not sale the houses themselves, when a house is on the market during the sale, we always give out the Realtor's card when we have them and have had quite a few houses sale as a result of someone who came to the sale (one house even had a bidding war, due to 3 or our customers and the house sold for more than the listing price). Also, when conduct a regular estate sale, we make every effort to tag every item in the house or to place signs for like items like sheets, towels and books. 3- Some companies charge extra fees in addition to commission fee to cover other expenses. We only charge our commission fee. On occasion, due to the condition of the house, we have asked the owner to retain a dumpster for us to use while preparing the house. That has only been done on extreme occasions. There can be other issues or concerns for a client to consider when selecting an estate sale company. Contact and meet with several if you must to make sure the one you contract with is a company you feel best meets your needs. Sometimes you only need to meet with one if you feel that company if what you are looking for. http://www.cash4books.net/?ref=445203